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    In the Warthog Military Outdoor Store you will find outdoor clothing, equipment for camping, adventure tours and travel. As well as outdoor and military transport equipment from selected manufacturers.

    Products There are 369 products.


    • clothing

      Clothes make people, soldiers need BW trousers and field shirts and outdoor fans also like to use robust and functional clothing that has a civilian Army look. In this category you will find our selection of Outdoor and Bundeswehr & Army clothing.

    • equipment

      Here you will find military and outdoor equipment for traveling, camping, bush crazing, hobbies and work. Here is our selection of Military and Outdoor Equipment.

    • transport
      If you own a lot of equipment, you have to store it well, here you will find backpacks in different designs for different applications, stowage bags to organize as well as hip bags and travel bags. Here is our selection of Military and Outdoor Transport Equipment,
    • Outdoors
      Outdoor articles for hiking, camping, survival and other outdoor activities. Here you can find our selection about cooking, eating, drinking and sleeping.
    • Military
      Military equipment for professional tactical users, such as MOLLE bags tactical belts, plate carriers, protective vests and other equipment for the military, police and security service.
    • miscellaneous
      Not everything can be put in a drawer and categorized, here you will find Military and Outdoor products of various kinds, such as first aid items, patches, tactical life style and adapters and accessories
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    Showing 1 - 12 of 369 items
    Showing 1 - 12 of 369 items