Not everything can be put in a drawer and categorized, here you will find Military and Outdoor products of various kinds, such as first aid items, patches, tactical life style and adapters and accessories

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  • Tactical lifestyle

    Tactical Lifestyle Accessories

    Here you will find various products that underline the tactical lifestyle.
    For example, you will find barbecue aprons, cushions, mobile phone cases and other products from the Every Day Carry category.

  • First aid

    First aid equipment for outdoor activities

    Here you will find various first aid materials and sets for outdoor activities, sports and travel.
    The first aid bags for leisure and sports are ideal for quickly treating small wounds.
    You can also put together individual rescue blankets or cold compresses for your outdoor first aid or travel pharmacy.

  • Adapters and accessories

    Adapters and accessories

  • Patches

    ID patches and first aid patches in various sizes and colors to attach. Mark bags vests backpacks and gear.

  • Special items

    Product sales & special items

  • Wallets

    Wallets and purses with compartments for the safe storage of money, credit cards and ID cards. Mony belts and money belts are particularly suitable for travel and for hidden wearing.

  • Schlüsselbund
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Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items