Clothes make people, soldiers need BW trousers and field shirts and outdoor fans also like to use robust and functional clothing that has a civilian Army look. In this category you will find our selection of Outdoor and Bundeswehr & Army clothing.

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  • Gloves

    Gloves in different sizes and colors for leisure and work

  • headgear

    Headgear for summer and winter

    Here you will find our range of headgear, such as caps, beanies and hats.
    All velvets have the same function, namely to protect our head from the different weather conditions. They complement your personal equipment for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and many other outdoor activities.

    Winter hats

    Knitted hats made of wool or acrylic wool protect us from the cold, snow and wet in autumn and winter and keep our heads warm. They offer optimal protection in wet and cold conditions.

    Summer hats or caps

    What the bobble hat is in winter, the sun hat, jungle hat or baseball cap is in summer, protecting us from too much direct sun and heat.

    Fashionable outdoor accessory

    Most models can be worn by both men and women and are a fashionable accessory, making them look good for outdoor sports, leisure and everyday wear. We currently have headgear from Mil-Tec, MFH and Highländer in our range.

  • T-shirts

    Military outdoor style T-shirts

    Simple army t-shirts and functional t-shirts made of lyocell for outdoor sports and work

  • field Shirts

    Field shirts and outdoor shirts and field blouses

  • pants
  • Kälteschutz

    Jackets, waistcoats and cold protection

    Here you will find jackets and waistcoats that keep out the cold and wet.

    Especially in the spring-autumn and winter months it is advisable to wear protection against cold and moisture.
    Whether it is a parka, field jacket or waistcoat is usually decided by the weather. The jackets and waistcoats are suitable for both leisure and work. Depending on the type, chest pockets and inside pockets are available. The quilted lining of the US field jackets and the BW parka can be removed. This means that these jackets can also be worn on warmer days.

  • Sweatshirts

    Sweatshirts are very practical clothing and especially popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Whether outdoor, bushcrafting or at the festival, the hoodies protect against the wind, are comfortable and of course have a hood. Often, other practical features are incorporated, such as cable ducts for headphones, bags and patch surfaces. Here you will find a selection of military and outdoor hoodies.

  • socks
    Comfortable socks for sports, leisure, outdoor and work.
    BW socks and functional socks make each step more enjoyable and do not cost a fortune. Here you will find our range of BW socks and functional socks.
  • Shoes

    BW Boots & Outdoor Shoes

    Here you will find our range of shoes, which are classically outdoor shoes and Bundeswehr boots.
    The boots and shoes are equally suitable for leisure activities, but also for work. This category is under construction, currently you will find shoes from the brand Mil-Tec.

  • Belt

    Trouser Belts, US Army Belts and Cobra Belts

    Here you will find various US Army belts for trousers, Army trousers and cargo trousers.

    The belt is the daily companion that keeps the trousers firmly in place. It is considered a fashion accessory and can also be used to carry pocket knives, lamps and various other items and bags. If you are looking for a more solid variant, there is the tactical Cobra Belt, which is made of very robust materials and is equipped with the original Cobra buckles from Austria alpin.

    We also offer various Molle adapters as belt accessories. With these you can easily expand your outdoor survival or duty belt with small MOLLE pouches. Whether worn as a leisure and outdoor belt or at work with the outdoor and army belts for men and women, you will always look good.

  • Eyewear

    Sunglasses, goggles, shooting glasses

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Showing 1 - 12 of 40 items