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    If you own a lot of equipment, you have to store it well, here you will find backpacks in different designs for different applications, stowage bags to organize as well as hip bags and travel bags. Here is our selection of Military and Outdoor Transport Equipment,

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    • Backpacks

      Army backpacks and outdoor backpacks

      Here you will find backpacks that are just as suitable for outdoor and leisure activities as they are for everyday use and at work.

      The backpack is probably the best and most popular of all means of transport and is available in an infinite number of designs and price categories. Army backpacks are primarily characterised by their robust workmanship and also have a MOLLE system attached, with which the user can attach additional bags or items. Therefore, these backpacks are equally well suited as survival and outdoor backpacks. The backpacks come in different sizes from a small daypack to models that have 65 litres or more. The colours in the Warthog Store are mostly earth tones or camouflage colours, but for everyday use the backpack is also available in plain black.

    • Shoulder

      Practical shoulder bags in which a lot of things find their place. Ideal as a daily companion for leisure and work.

    • Mobile phone and...

      Smartphones, mobile phones and tablets are often included when you go out into nature or travel. To protect your technology, you can find our range of bags for smartphones, mobile phones and tablets here.

    • hip pockets

      Hip bags for outdoor, leisure, sports and work

      Here you will find hip bags that can be worn all year round and are a real alternative to shoulder bags. These practical companions can be worn comfortably and hold a wide variety of items. This means that your wallet, keys or mobile phone are always within easy reach. A big advantage is that the bags do not restrict freedom of movement when worn on hikes, trips or even when cycling. The hip bags are an ideal companion, whether worn on the hip or over the shoulder.

    • dunnage bags

      Packing bags and storage bags protect the equipment from moisture and dirt. The contents are easy to organize in backpacks and are ideal for hiking, biking, camping and other outdoor activities.

    • Kreutgurte

      Cross straps for binoculars, cameras and night vision devices

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    Showing 1 - 12 of 73 items