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    Military equipment for professional tactical users, such as MOLLE bags tactical belts, plate carriers, protective vests and other equipment for the military, police and security service.

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    • plate carrier

      Professional Bundeswehr and Army plate carriers in different colors and camouflage prints for personal protection.
      High-performance models, modularly expandable and individually equipped.

    • body armor

      Professional protective vests and accessories for the armed forces, police and security

    • Chest rigs

      Chest rigs modular or non modular as a carrier system for your equipment

    • ballistics

      Here you will find hard ballistics and soft ballistics for personal protection

    • Tactical belts

      Here you will find tactical harnesses and battle belts

    • TTS leg pockets
    • Multi mount system
    • helmet covers
    • MOLLE bags

      Bags equipped with the MOLLE system are robust and versatile bags that originated in the military
      / Army had. These bags can be flexibly attached to carriers such as rucksacks, plate carriers, protective vests.
      They are available as small and large multi-purpose bags, first aid bags and magazine pouches in different camouflage prints but also in plain black. Here you will find a selection of MOLLE bags in the Warthog Military & Outdoor Store

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    Showing 1 - 12 of 195 items
    Showing 1 - 12 of 195 items